Developing a #HealthyMind through Technology Creativity

A healthy planet begins with healthy minds.

In the midst of challenging times for all, we would like to invite primary school teachers to bring emotional well-being solutions to your classrooms and to CREATE initiatives for better emotional health together with the kids.

Our free and open #HealthyMind course guides teachers through the subject and invites practical technology creativity exercises into classrooms.

Creating technologies merged with...

Calm Mind

Healthy Body

Creative Expression

How do we do this?


Why is a healthy mind a part of a healthier planet? What is emotional health and what has Covid-19 taught us about it?

How can we talk about our well-being in classrooms, creatively and independently, while gaining future-proof technology creativity skills?


We will learn a way to bring an important message to the world – by creating a landing page! Teachers will practise to create a simple, meaningful and creative page learning the requirements and platform to enable creation and knowledge sharing with your students.


Let’s put what we have learned into creative practises applicable in the classroom.

Teachers will create an individual, topical and creative landing page for one selected subject: calm mind, healthy body or creative expression and will learn how to apply the practise in the classroom.

Join us in our open online workshops!

#HealthyMind + Technology Creativity workshop

When? 19th May 2021, 4:00-5:30 PM (GMT+1)

Where? The workshop will be held on Zoom.

Sign up for the Teachers Lead Tech account to get the access link or register on Eventbrite.

The agenda of our workshop:

✔️Monika Katkute, the founder of Teachers Lead Tech – on emotional well-being and how we can bring it to classrooms. (15 min)

✔️A guided and hands-on workshop for primary school teachers – building a landing page called the Journal of Joy (60 min)

✔️Q&A and your feedback (15 min)

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for healthy minds & creative solutions to fulfill them.