A guided learning tool for primary school teachers to bring technology creation skills to classrooms


Mentorship and community enabled support network. 100% of teachers who joined said their tech confidence has risen.


Continuous growth through the personalised learning path. Increasing skills to work with a variety of technological tools and use them creatively.


Innovative, time-saving teaching resources based on best tech practices.
“By applying technology creation, each child can experience success according to one’s own abilities. After all, digital literacy and creativity are one of the key competencies of the 21st century” – Jurgita Badaraite, Primary School Teacher

Class subjects meet technologies: time-saving content

from solar systems to history, from math to art experiments.

Practise: these topics combined with technological creation – programming, 3D modeling, artificial intelligence and other technologies for various levels.

Create: activities that encourage children to develop and solve a variety of tasks using practical technological skills.

Hands-on online sessions

To build confidence and develop skills, teachers meet mentors in group online sessions twice a month, where they practise new tools and ideas. Once a month, teachers join consultations where they get answers to any questions.

Personalized learning path to develop 21st century skills

Beginners are led through tech creativity from scratch. Experienced teachers discover wider opportunities to use technological creativity with children. Lessons and projects adapted to follow one’s level and pace and prepare to practice confidently in classes.

Teaching materials

Content is ready to be used in classes, after-school activities, camps.
  • Handouts for children.
  • Short video instructions for each task and technology tools.
  • Presentations to be applied in classrooms.